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OPUS-1 製品写真
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OPUS-1 Price
(Both Inidan Red and Pearl White are the same price)
   285,000 JPY(Universal iDOCK included, NO LOCAL SALES TAX included)

※iPod shown in the photo does not come with OPUS-1.
The new Sound Technology by the fusion of iPod Digital Sound and the old valve amplifier
 OPUS-1 is the state of the art valve amplifier, merging Digital music and the ultimate analog circuit technology. Valve amplifiers reproduce a mild and warm tone, though iPod reprodcues an excellent digital sound with the state of the art digital sound technology.

 OPUS-1 provides both advantages of the digital sound and the old valve amplifier technogy. Particularly the toroidal transforers degined by Menno Van der veen, was chosen as the top notch product for the valve amplifiers. Also Bur-Brown made Audio Plus Op amplifier was chosen as well. As a result, the wide frequency response from 30Hz to beyond 70KHz was obtained. Consequently, a clear high tone, a mild mid tone and even a strong low tone are to be produced out of the speakers.

● Integration a high performance toroidal transformer with OP amplifier brings an excellent presence.
Width, Depth, and Density of the sound are the major factors of audio equipment. The integration of toroidal transformer and the valve amlifier technology with Bur-Brown made OP amplifier reproduces a mild sound, but a clear and dynamic sound to enjoy Pure music.
● Hi-quality raw material used ▼
75 micron meter thick copper clad Expoxy glass PCB brings the high reliability and the quality for the best sound and stable operation, keeping the best quliaty.
● Integrated design, with an universal iDock encapsulated onto the amplifer body ▼
The integrated iDock with the amplifier body brings a nice looking and shape to match a living room if you place OPUS-1 with your speakers
● Brings "Super-Juke box" to your music environment▼
Bring iPod to your living room, iPod turns to the super juke box, reproducing the nice sound as you want to listen and enjoy as many as possible, saving a lot of time to swap any CDs if you would use a conventional CD players.
● Enjoyour own sound with your favorite speaker systems▼
It is said that the sound quality varies with the speakers to use, so you may choose your favorite speakers to enjoy your own sound.
● Aux Input provided ▼
Other than iPod source might be used, so AUX Input of RCA standard jack is provided in the rear panel, for your CD or the others .
● PSE Compliance ▼
Complied with PSE regulation in Japan. PSE sticker shown in the rear.
OPUS-1 Specification
Input Impedance 10KΩ
Output Impedance 5Ω(works with 3〜8Ωspeakers)
Maximum Output Power 12W+12W (3%, @ 0.3Vrms input level, 8Ωload)
Distortion <1% (<8W)
Residual Noise Voltage <1mV
Frequency Response 30Hz〜70KHz (@ 10W,8Ω Load)
Aux Input RCA Standard Jack
Power Supply 100Vac (115, 200, 230V are factory adjustable), 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 120W (100Vac, 50Hz)
Dimension 320(Width)x220(Depth)x153(Height)mm
Weight appox. 11Kg (24 lbs, without iPOD)
※Specification is subject to change without notice for the improvement.
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